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Amber Oil by Calypso Essential Oils are made by distilling hydrophobic liquid, sourced from different parts of the plants like the flowers, roots, barks, fruits and leaves. They are rich in volatile aromatic compounds, which give off a stunning fragrance.

Ayurveda states that Calypso Essential Oils refers to stimulating the senses and relaxing the body with Calypso Essential Oils Amber Natural Essential Oil obtained from leaves, flowers and barks. Since there are so many varieties of trees and flowers, the botanical world is full with invigorating and nourishing concentrated essences of Amber Natural Essential Oil.

Specifications of Amber Essential Oil

Botonical Name Pinus succinefera fossil
CAS  8002-67-3
Country of Origin India
Color & Odor Viscous Liquid with warm and smoky odor
Solubility Insoluble in water. soluble in alcohol and oils
Major Constituents N/A
Specific Gravity 0.926 to 0.930
Optical Rotation 22° 30′ to +26°
Refractive Index 1.465 to 1.480.
Flash Point 222°C
Extraction Method Steam Distillation of Crude Resin
Amber Essential Oil


Amber Natural Essential Oil is very rejuvenating and tonic. It is also known to activate Kundalini movement. and electric flow throughout the body. Jatoba. The Brazilian energy and sexual tonic. The original source of Natural Essential Oil and resin.

Blend With

Geranium. spruce. pine. cedarwood. galbanum. myrrh. frankincense. cypress. aniseed. lemon. clove. orange. rose absolute. cistus and benzoin.

Common Names

Amber refined. Amber Essential Oil. Amber Oil


Calmative. antispasmodic. analgesic. expectorant. febrifuge.


It is used in soap production. Lotions. Diffusers. massage oils. potpourri. Air fresheners Scent. Body fragrance. Aromatherapy products Parfum oils. Bath oils. Spa's Towel scenting. Incense laundry. Light rings. Facial steams. hair treatments.

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