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Essential oils are highly concentrated, fragrant natural constituents found in plants. These constituents give plants their distinctive odour, and they also contain the healing power of that plant from which they were extracted. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your health. They are not like modern drugs and have no side effects. Some Easy Steps to follow for our valuable products we manufactured. The following are the methods for separation of essential oils. Click Here to get your oil test done.

Steam Distillation

Steam distillation, a unique type of distillation process is used to extract temperature sensitive materials like natural aromatic compounds. This is the process of purifying any substance using steam. It is a process whereby steam distillation heats a substance with steam to purify it. This process is used to extract essential oils, which are derived from their natural sources. This process is based on the principle of insoluble objects being combined can lower their boiling points.

Co2 extraction

Carbon Dioxide extraction can be used to extract the essence from a plant or extract essential oils. The CO2 gas becomes liquid when it is subjected to a certain pressure. This liquid solvent is both inert and safe. This method has many advantages, including the avoidance of thermal degradation that can be caused by distillation at atmospheric pressure. To produce high-quality herbal extracts that are used in the flavoring and herbal medicine industries, CO2 extraction is preferred.

Hydro Distillation

Hydro distillation can be used in place of steam distillation. This method of extracting is the oldest. Instead of steam passing through powdered wood in a hydro distillator, the powder is soaked into water. Heat the water container until steam emerges. Then let the container cool and then extract the oil from the top.

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is a method of separating compounds based on the relative solubilities they are in two non-miscible liquids, which are water and organic solvents. This is the process of extracting a substance from one phase to another phase. Unwanted materials are removed from an organic phase during the rubbing stage.

Cold Pressed Extraction

Cold presses are a highly sought-after method for extracting oils. The extraction process is determined by the number of the oil. This indicates the temperature at which it can be squeezed.

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